Trombone Shorty

By bringing up Trombone Shorty, I’m probably veering dangerously off-topic, but he really cannot go unmentioned. The people need to know!

Trombone Shorty (real name – Troy Andrews) is a jazz musician from New Orleans, who at the young age of 27 has played with virtually every major jazz artist on the planet. You can find videos of this guy playing in Wynton’s band at the age of 9! He is not only a trombone player, but also quite a good trumpet player and singer. His group is a fusion between second line, funk, rap, jazz and calypso. This fusion of styles is really hip, makes for a great show, and he always makes the audience a part of his performance. I love his musical choices and performance style because he is playing fantastic music (he updates older music so that it is as cool now as it was then) and doing it in a way that is relevant to almost any audience, not just people who also attend serious, formal concerts.

I think the most notable aspect of his playing (technically) is that he will start a tune on the trombone, playing the head. Then he will move to the trumpet and play over changes. This really blows my mind because as a music education major in college, I had to play all of the brass instruments and it is no easy feat to transition between instrument like that! He is also a great improviser, has solid high chops, and can circular breathe for a really long time (which draws in the trumpet jocks…). Speaking of trumpet jocks, in case anyone is wondering, he plays on an Edwards custom trumpet and is an Edwards performing artist.

Here he is, updating a REALLY old standard.


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