President’s Own Tuba Euphonium Quartet

As you can probably see I am a big fan of the D.C. military bands. I was fortunate to grow up and start college on the East Coast, and have had numerous opportunities to see military music ensembles perform live. Also, I believe that a musician can make a great career with the military. While I was at Messiah College (in Grantham, PA), the Tuba Euphonium Quartet came to give a master class and concert. Of course, being the trumpet chauvinist that I was at the time, I was really bummed out about having to listen to a concert of two euphoniums and two tubas play. Fortunately, they far exceeded my expectations.

These low brass players were incredible. They performed a very eclectic mix, from orchestral transcriptions to Latin/Jazz tunes, and most notably, Metallica’s “Orion”. The first euphonium played the guitar solo from “Orion” note for note, which is quite a feat on the guitar, but even more difficult on a brass instrument. Somehow, though, it sounded really easy when he played it. It was really incredible!


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